Winter has arrived …

Received the first snowfall of winter and I think the biggest shock is the fact that it actually stuck.  Usually the first snowfall never lasts more than a day.  Marissa has been outside playing in it with one of her best friends as well as her cousin.

Marissa, Dylan, and Savana

Her cousin lives in another town and to get there today I took the backroads.  Everything looked so pretty and I happened to have my small traveling camera with me.  I purchased one small enough to always have in my purse for moments just like this.  I drove over the Sugar River and happened to look out the passenger window and as I did, I saw this …  

I would love to have some land some day that has a river or stream running through it for just this reason.  Nothing seems prettier to me than this.  I have the house all pictured in my head both inside as well as out.  I can visualize it decorated for the different holidays as well as the different seasons.  I can picture everything about it in my mind and I actually have a folder on my computer with the floor plan as well as decorating ideas.  I know, I’m strange but if I ever win the lottery …there will be no stopping me.

I have been busy getting the current house ready for the holiday season.  I have the outside of the house decorated and all but the tree done on the inside.  Still not sure what to do about the tree because of Isabella.  It will all get figured out some how.  Pictures will follow soon.

I hope the weekend has been kind to every one and may you always dream a little dream.

With love,



~ by wistitcher on December 5, 2010.

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