Projects and progress

I have been wanting to organize a closet in the dining room for quite a while now.  I have finally gotten the chance to do it and I love the outcome.  On the upside of the project, since I did all the work, I decided what was going to go into it.  Hehe.  I have all my current stitching projects in it now along with the rest of my Chatelaine kits.  WooHoo!!  They are no longer being stored in the basement where the lovely little mice could use them as a home.  I have also gotten all my fabric stored in it instead of in the basement where again, the mice could make a lovely little home out of them. 

Here is the before of the closet:                           


After photo of the closet:

In stitching news, the Q-Snaps have been moved on Quaker Diamonds.  I’m still working on it but slowly.  Everytime I think I want to work on something else, I end up working on this piece.  However, I am not sure that I will have it finished by the end of the year like I had hoped.  To say that this past year has been a disappointment stitching wise is an understatement however, I am determined not to look back but forward.  So, I give you my progress on Quaker Diamonds:

Before taken on 10-16-2010:                                                           

 After taken on 11-13-2010:


The after picture taken on 11-13-2010 is pretty true to the colors in real life.

I have some other projects in the works and I will post them as soon as they are done which should be this weekend.  They are things that my daughter and I are working on together.  Should be lots of fun …if her cold doesn’t get any worse.  So, look for an update here on Monday.

May your day be bright even if the sun is not shining.

With love,



~ by wistitcher on November 19, 2010.

One Response to “Projects and progress”

  1. Love the progress on Quaker Diamonds – what a great piece. The closet came out so nice too! Organizing is fun when it is stash! 🙂

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