Football and stitching …

I may have forgotten to mention that I am a football junkie.  Hey!  I could be addicted to worse things.  The Badgers didn’t look so hot and neither did the Packers for that matter.  At least the Pack managed to pull out a win while the Badgers …well, I think they gave the game away.  Hopefully both show some improvement for their next games.

I did manage to put some more stitches in Quaker Diamonds this weekend but did not get as much done as I had hoped.  I think I spent more time just looking at the chart than I did actually stitching.  I KNOW it isn’t going to stitch itself with me just watching it.  I hope to put in some more stitches tonight but, I am also craving a new start so I am in somewhat of a quandry.  The new start I am craving is Chatelaines Indian Summer Reflection.  The only thing is, I am not sure about the recommended fabric which is Ice Blue.  Maybe I’ll stick to Quaker Diamonds while mulling over fabric for the new start.  Whatever the decision is, the fabric will have to come out of my stash as I am currently only stitching from my stash but I am sure that I have a piece that will work nicely.

Fall is in the air here in South Central Wisconsin and I love it.  The cool, crisp mornings and the afternoons that can range from the 50’s to mid 70’s.  The leaves are all changing colors and mother nature is showing us her idea of a fireworks display and she never seems to disappoint.

Off to make some dinner.  Pork roast done on the grill, oven roasted potatoes, green beans, and a lovely salad.  Should be good.



~ by wistitcher on October 4, 2010.

One Response to “Football and stitching …”

  1. Yum, I want to eat at your house. 🙂

    I like football too, but mostly cause it gives me an excuse to stitch while the boys at my house obsess over it. 🙂

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