Stitching update

Today was a productive day of stash shopping.  Kind of sad that I have enough stash that I can actually shop in it but oh well.  That is the way it is and I like it that way.

I have a beautiful oak cabinet that my dad made for me that houses five art bins that each hold two projects.  Woo Hoo!!!  Ten projects completely accessible but not cluttering up any living area.  Those of you that know me well will not be shocked to find that nine of the ten projects in the cabinet are Chatelaines.  The other is a Mirabilia.  I went through all my Chatelaines (yes, there are more than nine) and picked out the ones that are screaming to me the loudest.  They are: St. Petersburg, Misty Morning Vineyard, Waterlily Pond, Egyptian Garden, Alpine Seasons, Japanese Garden, Peacock Garden, Indian Summer Reflection, and Taj Mahal.  The lonely Mirabilia is Fairy Idyll.  Next I went through all my projects that are kitted up or started and picked out some small to medium ones that fit in a small wood container where I can keep them accessible, but again, not cluttering up any living space.

Lately I have been working on Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor using the recommended Valdani floss as well as the recommened fabric, Mello by Picture This Plus.  I love the rich colors of this piece and it is progressing nicely.  I will make sure to post a picture of it in the near future. 

Have a great evening everyone. 



~ by wistitcher on October 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Stitching update”

  1. That is a beautiful stitching cabinet! I’m jealous!

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  2. That is a gorgeous cabinet! Now I want some WIP pics! 🙂

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